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My Style of Therapy

Safe Space

I offer a warm, safe, supportive, confidential space for you to explore difficulties that you may be facing in life. Supporting you to work through them, when you are ready. 

I meet everyone that I work with as an individual with their own unique life experience which I honor and respect.

Therapeutic Relationship

My therapeutic approach is an  Integrative Counselling technique called the Relational Approach. The Relational Approach views early attachments  between infants and caregivers as forming the way in which children and adults see the world and make future relationships.  

I view the therapeutic relationship (the relationship between client and counsellor) as the biggest factor in creating therapeutic change. 

As a therapist I focus on supporting you through encouraging a trusting, transparent and non judgemental relationship to bring about therapeutic change for you. 

What the Integrative approach means in practice

I use tools from different schools of therapy to enhance your well being and build the therapeutic relationship. I am able to choose the tools by listening to your story carefully and hearing your needs. The sorts of tools I use include, CBT, EMDR, Creative Therapies, Transactional Analysis, Mindfulness and Psychological Educational Tools.