Counselling for Children and young People

About Counselling

Counselling is a  supportive place that people use to talk through things that have happened to them that have upset them. Counselling can also be used to support you to explore your behaviour, thoughts and feelings. 

A counsellor is a bit different from other adults in your life such as teachers, instructors and doctors. I do not tell you what to do or advise you, I will work with you to understand your life from your point of view and offer you support in whatever you are going through. Some people choose to talk to a counsellor instead of talking to a friend, relative or teacher as a counsellor will not judge you or talk to anyone in your life, without your permission. What you talk about in counselling is kept separate from your day to day life and you only make changes if you feel ready to do so.   

About Me

I never judge a problem as being too big or too small or too many or too few problems to need help with, I can help you with whatever stuff is upsetting you.  I am trained in using different techniques in counselling to help you as an individual young person. This means that we could talk together, draw, make models or write about things, whichever works for you. I am a registered and accredited member of the BACP (British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy), this means that my skills and experience have been checked and met the correct standards to deliver counselling and psychotherapy.  

Some of the things that I support young people with

  • stress and anxiety
  • depression
  • self harm
  • anger
  • self confidence
  • friendships 
  • family relationships
  • parental seperation
  • problems at school
  • learning and physical disabilities
  • abuse
  • distressing thoughts and feelings
  • LGBTQ identity
  • Issues with or on social media