Information for Parents

Safe Space to Grow

I offer your child a safe and nurturing place to grow. Growing and growing up can offer many obstacles to children, young people and their parents. 

I offer a safe and containing place in which I support children and young people to explore aspects of their lives, life events or relationships which are causing them distress or worry.

I offer short term ( 4 - 12 sessions) weekly sessions to children and young people with specific areas of need and long term support ( 3 months plus) weekly or fortnightly sessions to those children who need time to build up relationships to explore and be supported with their needs.

Qualities that I Nurture

  • Resilience 
  • Confidence
  • Communication
  • Healthy relationships
  • Caring for yourself 
  • Expressing feelings in a health way
  • Being proud of yourself
  • Its ok not to be ok
  • Its ok to ask for help
  • and many more.................

The counselling relationship

I am available over the phone or by e-mail to help with any queries that you may have about the service before you book.

 Children and Young People aged between 12 - 17 years

I offer either a 30 minute free phone consultation or up to 20 minutes free 'settling in' time for your child/young person and you.

Within the first therapy session I will get to know your child's difficulties and what they would like from counselling.

After the session we will all meet briefly to discuss the possibility of further sessions or anything your child /young person would like to share with you. If your child is in agreement we will then meet for a set amount of counselling sessions before a review or ending.

Contacts, Fees and Location