Therapy for Adults

Safe Support

At times we could all do with support to work through things that have upset, hurt or damaged us. 

 I offer a warm, supportive, non judgemental and confidential space to come to share your difficulties. These difficulties may be from your past or present, regardless of how big or small you think the issues are I am here to support you. 

I work to build a  trusting and safe relationship which will help you to open up and work through difficulties that are causing you personal distress and which may be acting as blocks to your personal wellbeing and to a fulfilling life.

My Style of Therapy

I am an Integrative therapist which means that I integrate several counselling theories into my practice to fit around your individual needs.

 My main styles of working are fromthe person centred, relational and psychodynamic approaches.

I also work creatively on request with buttons, sand tray and clay modelling. The use of creative tools in therapy helps bypass cognitive thoughts and enter deeper feelings.This style of therapy is useful in working through issues from the past and trauma. 

I offer short term, medium term and long term therapy, I adjust my style of counselling to suit the length of the therapeutic relationship.

In short term therapy 6 -10 sessions I support you to focus on a couple of areas of work, short term therapy is useful for gaining a deeper understanding of your life, working out issues that are troubling you in the present, managing periods of stress and anxiety and wellbeing check-ups. 

In medium - long term therapy (10 plus sessions) we can take more time to explore the difficulties that you bring. Longer term work allows connection on a more visceral level which is helpful in bringing about embedded lasting change.This can be helpful to you if your trust has been wounded by others (especially in earlier life) or you have survived abuse or trauma. Although medium to long term work is not exclusively for the aforementioned issues.


For further information about my experience and specialisms please click on the link below.

Support in getting to therapy

Coming to therapy can be daunting, I would like to support you to enter therapy with me by being available over the phone or e-mail to talk before deciding to book an appointment. 

I offer a free half an hour slot for people coming to see me for the first time which can either be used as a telephone consultation or a face to face consultation. After the free consultation  there is no obligation to  commit to any sessions.

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